Foundation of Faith

Why Exactly Jesus?

A Polish teacher said the following to me while we were on a trip through Poland: “When God’s Word is preached today, Jesus cannot be brought far enough into the center. Jesus, only Jesus Christ, […]

Foundation of Faith

Jesus and the Children

Therefore early! Do you hear, father, do you hear mother!? Do not put it off until your child has become independent and set in the pleasure of trivial and vain things. No, bring him to […]

Foundation of Faith

A Letter to my Mother

Dear Mother, Let me begin by saying that I am most grateful that we have a very close and loving relationship and share a very strong bond. Have you and I ever given this much […]

Foundation of Faith

Heroine of Faith

A mother always remains in our memory. Even when already old and grey, our thoughts carry us back to our youth and childhood years. In all the pictures of our memory, one person has a […]

Foundation of Faith

Jesus Christ – Unchanging

“The time of signs and miracles are long over,” says the modern man. “Oh yes, but only for the unbelievers,” we can answer.  God’s word tells us clearly: “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, […]

Foundation of Faith

What Do You Think of Jesus?

People have all sorts of opinions about Jesus. Some see Him as a good person; others see a revolutionary who died for His cause. Christians generally consider Him to be the Son of God, as […]

Foundation of Faith

Seeing God’s Glory

It is the privilege of every child of God not only to converse with the heavenly Father but also to behold His glory. With our natural eyes, we cannot see the face of God, because […]

Children's Corner

Last Words Before Easter

It was Palm Sunday, the last Sunday before Easter: “Mom, why is there such a big crowd there?” “That’s Jesus, Philip; the man who recently raised the dead Lazarus, do you remember?” “Oh yes, that’s […]

Foundation of Faith

The Treasure of Hardship

Suffering and hardship. We do not normally get excited about suffering and hardship, but it’s one of the few things that we are promised and guaranteed to face in our short time here before eternity. […]

Foundation of Faith

The Living Christ

The disciples’ salvation depended on the fate of their Lord Jesus. They had pinned all of their hopes on Him, so when He died on the cross, they thought it was all over. By all […]