Foundation of Faith

The Ordinances of the New Testament

The ordinances of the New Testament include Baptism, Communion, and Foot Washing. The Lord Jesus established them shortly before His ascension and He left them for His Church to follow. He said the following words […]

Foundation of Faith

Jesus’ Death and Resurrection

This biblical text serves as a wonderful testimony of the Apostle Paul. He is testifying that he is not the only one who believes this, but also the entire community of the first Christian church, […]

Children's Corner

The First Forbidden Step!

Mrs. Richter once had to go away for a whole day. She instructed Henry to stay home until she returned. Henry did not have a problem with that. Around noon, his friend Peter came and […]

Foundation of Faith


Indeed, she did not think that it was possible for it all to be an illusion, a lie, and a deception. And yet, in the entire situation only one single word was true. Unfortunately this […]


Only an Ant

Jupiter’s temple in ancient Athens was a marvelous building. Sixteen pillars of the temple still stand close to each other. Three others stood to the side until one of them fell about 100 years ago […]

Foundation of Faith

Is Infant Baptism Biblical?

A German pastor of the Evangelical Church wrote a treatise in 2003 entitled “Biblical Baptism – Infant Baptism or Baptism of Conversion” and introduced it with the musing words: “Baptism is a hotly disputed topic […]