Foundation of Faith


Within the heart of every person there is a yearning, a longing for something or someone.  Often it is hard to pinpoint this longing, because we are so busy with the distractions around and because […]

Foundation of Faith

Life in Light of Eternity

No proof is required to verify that life is short and uncertain. We experience this daily. We get so attuned to this fact, and instead of allowing it to make an impression on us, we […]

Foundation of Faith

Do We Need a Revival?

Many believers perceive the necessity of a revival. Many people in our time are defined by spiritual emptiness. Even among believers, self-centeredness, shallowness, love of worldly pleasures, and indifference towards God’s expectations seem to be […]

Foundation of Faith

When The Church Prays

“Peter was therefore kept in prison, but constant prayer was offered to God for him by the church.” (Acts 12:5) It was March 2018 and I was preparing for our Kenya missions trip. I went […]

Children's Corner

What Is Your Favorite Book?

The Ethiopian Queen Candace had a court official who managed all her treasures. Surely this man had everything he wanted and should have been really happy and satisfied. And yet he lacked something, namely: God. […]