At school, a teacher had been observing for some time that his student, Henry, always carried candies with him. He would sometimes even generously pass them out to his classmates during recess. Because the mother was a poor widow, the teacher could not understand where the boy was getting the money for these sweets.

One morning, during class, Henry once again quickly popped a candy in his mouth. But this time his teacher caught him in the act.

“What did you put in your mouth?” he asked the boy. Henry saw the teacher’s stern gaze and blushed. “A candy,” he replied sheepishly. “Where did you get the money for it?” – To get out of the sticky situation, Henry lied and said that his mother had given him the money.

That same afternoon, the teacher visited Henry’s mother to tell her what had happened. Then he asked her if it was true that she gave her son the money for the sweets, as Henry had claimed. The mother was horrified and tears flowed down her cheeks because of her son. Henry was called and paled when he saw his teacher and his crying mother. Lies did not help anymore. Under this strict scrutiny, he confessed and explained where he had taken the money from.

In a cabinet, the mother had a cup in which she put money. Again and again, Henry had dipped his hand into that cup when no one was home. In this way he had become a thief and a common liar. He was punished afterward. – But was everything all right now? – Oh no!

Someone had always witnessed when Henry had taken money. It was the Lord Jesus, who sees everything we do. If we do not confess our sins to Him, we will receive eternal punishment. But if we confess everything, then He shows us that He has already received the punishment for our sins on the cross. That is why the Savior had to die on the cross so that we would be cleared of the punishment by His blood.

Have you already brought your sins to the Savior? If not, please do so now. He wants to forgive you for everything. – If you accept this personally in faith, then you can thank and praise the Lord Jesus for having loved you so much also.

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