God Answers Prayer

In their family devotions, the Werner family had read the biblical story of the prophet Elijah. Niklas was very impressed how God had provided for His servant through the ravens. These large, black birds brought bread and meat in the morning and evening so that Elijah was provided for in a difficult time of drought and hunger.

God then sent Elijah to a widow, a very poor woman. All she had left for herself and her young son was a little oil in a jar and some flour in a pot. The woman thought: “I will use it to bake a little bread for us and then we will die.” But God said through Elijah that the little oil and the little flour would not run out until there was rain again and the people had food to eat. The woman had to first bake bread for Elijah and then for herself and her son. The woman believed the word of God spoken through Elijah. From then on, the three of them had food every day.

Shortly after, the little boy became very ill and died. Elijah prayed to God, and the boy was brought back to life. Elijah and his mother were very happy about God’s help! Niklas remembered this story when he visited his friend Ben.

Ben wasn’t at school, and Niklas brought him his homework. He was allowed to go into Ben’s room. Ben was lying in bed with a fever; his head and hands were very hot. His throat hurt, and he could hardly speak. Niklas was sad that his friend was so ill. He believed that God could also help Ben. So he asked if he could pray for Ben. After praying, Niklas wished his friend a speedy recovery and went home. A few hours later, Mrs. Smyth called to say that her son was feeling much better and that his fever had gone down. Niklas thanked God with all his heart for the help.

Can you remember how God answered your prayer?

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