Laura and the Butterfly

On a beautiful spring day, Laura was helping her mom pull weeds in the garden. The sky was a beautiful blue, the sun was shining, the birds were singing, and the fragrance of flowers and grasses was in the air. Then they saw two beautiful butterflies. Mom said they are called admirals because they have red stripes on their dark brown wings and a black border with white spots. These butterflies fly long distances – over the mountains to Germany in the spring and even further in the fall to where it is warmer, and they don’t freeze to death in winter.

Then Mom pointed out a nettle plant. There were little light green pearls stuck to its leaves – eggs that the female admiral had laid. Mom explained that all this beauty was God’s creation because He created everything. God gave the butterflies the knowledge of when and where to fly and where to lay their eggs. This is so that later, when hungry caterpillars hatch from the eggs, they can feed on the nettle leaves. Mom left the plant standing and said that Laura would be able to observe a miracle of God’s creation over the next few weeks. 

And indeed, a few days later, small, spiky, black worms with yellow spots on their sides and lots of legs emerged from the eggs – the caterpillars. They nibbled on these leaves all day and quickly grew larger. Then they began to bite through leaf stalks and spin a fine thread. They then stuck the leaf together and hid in it. It looked as if each caterpillar had its own sleeping bag – the pupae. After that, Laura had to wait another two weeks.

One morning, she saw that the chrysalis had cracked, and something was moving inside. After a few hours, young admiral butterflies slowly hatched from them. They looked exactly like their parents – the same body, colorful wings, and six thin little legs with which they could cling to whatever they were resting on.  After the exhausting hatching process, they had to rest a little. But then they quietly spread their wings and flew away. One came and sat directly on Laura’s hand. Laura was delighted and thanked God for this wonderful experience.

When was the last time you observed God’s creation and thanked Him from the bottom of your heart?

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