Our Times Need Christian Mothers and Fathers

Mothers do not have it easy today. The social changes of the last 70 years, especially in our Western culture, have had a major impact on the ideal image of the family, the tasks of parents, and the role of women. Whereas in previous generations family life was essentially characterized by the concept of responsibility, today self-realization and uninhibited pursuit of adventure are considered attributes of an ideal life. But what remains when the intoxication has faded and, apart from debt, only loneliness and worthlessness define the daily routine?

Some of you may remember the song by D.O. Teasley, “Back to the Blessed Old Bible.” Isn’t this the much-needed orientation for our families in 2024? Our time needs mothers who define their roles according to divine order and who have found their place where God has placed them, women who have recognized what a great task God has entrusted to them in raising the next generation.

Today, we are richly blessed with a good education and a wide range of opportunities for our lives. In most cases, girls have the same career opportunities as boys. There is only one thing that boys cannot do: have children. According to the divine order, men and women have complementary roles in a family and need each other. Together, God entrusts them with the responsibility for the next generations – even if fewer and fewer couples recognize this for themselves. 

God created us humans in such a way that after puberty and adolescence, our natural senses are heightened to start a family and have children. But the social and cultural mindset today teaches us: don’t get married too early – you must first enjoy your freedom, have a career, and accumulate prestige and wealth – then at some point, you can round off your luxury with a family. Many people live like this – but is it what God intended for His children?

Isn’t life much more valuable when young people choose their profession according to God’s will, marry the right partner, and then serve God together? God and living for Him are at the center – and His blessing nourishes and develops the family. If the young parents are prayerful, people full of faith and devotion to God, then they create a refuge for themselves and their children that promotes growth and love. They offer their children not only security and prosperity but also a solid Christian value system that gives them lasting strength to withstand the storms of life.

Yes, such a life is not possible without sacrifice. It will mean that the father and mother will have to do without. Fellow students may have success, wealth, and experiences in faraway countries. But Christian parents have chosen time with God, time together, and time for their children. Yes, this time may not be enough for a career – but it carries high interest rates, dividends from a currency that remains hidden from the driven of today’s generation.

Christian mothers and fathers are richly rewarded – not just with the happy laughter of their children. They are richly rewarded with the prayers of the children and their answers to prayer, with the faith of the children and their childlike, simple-minded love for God.

Our time urgently needs Christian mothers and fathers who dare to lead an alternative life – a normal life according to the Bible, parents who offer reliable orientation and an example worthy of imitation, parents whose lives are rich in God’s overflowing blessings.

Hermann Vogt

Gifhorn, Germany

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