Foundation of Faith

And They Brought Children to Jesus

Is there any work in the service of the Lord that gives greater joy and produces more glorious fruit than bringing children to Jesus in their tender youth? The disciples did not recognize this fact, […]

Foundation of Faith

Poor Rich Children

Are our children rich and happy? Or do they feel sad and poor, even in the middle of all this prosperity? Peace, Freedom, Prosperity How fortunate are children who can grow up in peace and […]

Foundation of Faith

Jesus and the Children

Therefore early! Do you hear, father, do you hear mother!? Do not put it off until your child has become independent and set in the pleasure of trivial and vain things. No, bring him to […]

Children's Corner

Little Jobs for the Lord

A little boy once heard that even children could work for God’s kingdom, if they only loved the Lord Jesus with all their heart.  The boy was crippled. He knew he wasn’t able to go […]

Foundation of Faith

Sowing and Harvesting

“Do you really believe that?” an acquaintance asked me after I stated that obedience was the most important principle in raising children. “I have a totally different opinion,” he said. “I would prefer that my […]