Foundation of Faith

From the Editorial Team

Looking back at the past year, we have a lot to be thankful for. In His grace, the Lord helped, carried, encouraged, and richly blessed us in doing His work throughout these twelve months. The […]

Children's Corner

A Christmas Gift

It was on a Christmas day towards evening when the lights had already been turned on. It was snowing outside. A poorly dressed boy of six entered the pastor’s room. “Mr. Preacher,” he said, and […]

Foundation of Faith

Why Do We Celebrate Christmas?

If you were to do a survey in your neighborhood using this question, very different answers would come out. So much has been added to the celebration for this festive season. But they have nothing […]

Foundation of Faith

The Wonder of the Holy Night

Indeed, mysterious and wonderful things took place on the holy night when Jesus became man. A radiant splendor of light poured over the fields of Judah, and its realm resonated with a joyous angel choir. […]

Foundation of Faith


Realizing that December is here is unbelievable. How quickly the year has passed. The last month of the year is usually the most eventful. People are busier than ever, spend more money than usual, search […]