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    God is Love

    In recent decades, we have seen a very frequent use of the word “love” in our society. However, what has been offered or imposed on young people in particular under this label has nothing to [...]

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Camp Meeting
Blaubeuren, Germany
August 16-21, 2024

Bible Course of the Church of God
Steinbach, Manitoba
August 12-23, 2024

Church Conference & 75th Anniversary
Edmonton, Alberta
August 31 – September 1, 2024

Love – A Strong Bond

Difficulties and divisions had arisen in the Corinthian church. This is why Paul wrote the chapter on love in 1 Corinthians 13. Just as cement holds a building together, so true agape love holds the […]

I Will Be With You

Whenever we held revival services, we afterwards baptized those who wanted it, regardless of the season. Winter baptisms were not uncommon, and one case in particular left a clear impression on me.  It was in […]


One of Fifty

In Genesis 18, we see how Abraham interceded for the people of Sodom. In verses 20-21, we read: “And the Lord said, ‘There is a great cry in Sodom and Gomorrah, and their sins are […]

What Love Can Achieve

One day, Dwight Moody received a letter with the following request:  “Mr. Moody, would you come to the prison tomorrow morning at 10 o’clock? A prisoner is being released who is all alone in this […]

Foundation of Faith

I Will Be With You

One day, Brother Karl Arbeiter pointed out one of the books on our distribution list and told me, “That book cannot be sent out anymore!”  We still had a lot of copies in stock, so […]

Foundation of Faith


They are young, full of strength and energy. Childhood and adolescence are behind them; the time of exclusive taking and learning is over; and they can give back with their work, create additional value, and […]

Foundation of Faith

Elijah, a Man Like Us

James wanted to encourage the recipients of his letter when he called Elijah a man “just like us.” But when we think of Elijah, what comes to mind are the miraculous, supernatural stories: the raising […]

Foundation of Faith

God Needs Committed People

King Ahab was one of the most prominent figures of his day. He was politically savvy, culturally tolerant, and had military success. However, his way of life was an abomination to God. So, in the […]

Foundation of Faith

The Value of Family Devotions

I grew up in a family where family prayers regularly ascended to the throne of grace in the evening. From an early age, I felt the value of family devotions. At the age of sixteen, […]

Foundation of Faith

How the Rain Came

The Bemba tribe in Central Africa had been waiting for rain for over six months. The fields were prepared for sowing, but there was no rain. The land was so dry that the earth had […]

Foundation of Faith

The Prodigal Son

Moody writes:  I was about to close the meeting of the Young Men’s Christian Association in Chicago when a man stood up and asked to speak. I had never seen him before, nor did I […]

Foundation of Faith

A Living Sacrifice

The word “sacrifice” occurs frequently in the Bible. Notably, in this passage, it refers to our body, our entire being. When we are born again, Jesus comes into our heart and makes it His dwelling […]

Foundation of Faith

I Will Be With You

In late November 1907, Heinrich Begemann approached me, asking whether I would like to enter the Lord’s service as a missionary. The mission house in Essen was established by the pastor Georg Vielgut at Friedbergstrasse […]

Foundation of Faith

Be Filled with the Holy Spirit

If we want to be useful in the service of our Lord and be a blessing for others, then we need to be equipped with godly power. Before His ascension, Jesus told His disciples: “But […]

Foundation of Faith

The Influence of a Mother

One Sunday morning, eight young men decided to go on an outing together. They planned to spend their day off drinking wine, playing card games, and pursuing other worldly pleasures. As they chatted and laughed […]