Freed From Anxiety

 “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy, but I came that you may have life, and have it abundantly.” (John 10:10) Struggles with mental health, particularly anxiety, are very prevalent in today’s […]

Rush or Rest

Isn’t it strange that many people today are not satisfied, despite their elevated standard of living, despite money and pleasures? People like to talk about the good old days. Yes, people used to be much […]

Children's Corner

A Child of the King

Many years ago, a gentleman was riding along the road when he heard a person singing. He was attracted by the melody, enticing him to stop and listen. Then he heard the words, “I’m a […]

clouds during sunset
Foundation of Faith

Heaven – The Final Destination

Summertime has arrived and with it, the hope for rest and relaxation. Perhaps a trip to the mountains or an opportunity to walk along a beach. In our daily struggle against stress, deadlines, and personal […]

Foundation of Faith

Rich or Poor?

What is the proper definition of rich and poor? And which riches are worthwhile to pursue, the inner or the outward ones? It is not difficult for any of us to distinguish between rich and […]

Foundation of Faith

Precious Possessions 

Our earthly possessions are surrounded by uncertainty. In many cases, riches, health, and honor are only with us for a short time on life’s journey. Even if they accompany us on every step of the […]

Foundation of Faith

Mission Report – Bolivia

At the end of January 2022, a group of 30 brothers and sisters from several congregations in Germany travelled to Bolivia to support the brothers and sisters there with various building projects and also to […]

Foundation of Faith

And They Brought Children to Jesus

Is there any work in the service of the Lord that gives greater joy and produces more glorious fruit than bringing children to Jesus in their tender youth? The disciples did not recognize this fact, […]

Foundation of Faith

The Powerful Testimony

With the experience of Pentecost in Jerusalem, the disciples had entered the official ministry of witnessing. Jesus clearly and seriously laid this assignment on their hearts when He said: “But you shall receive power when […]

Foundation of Faith

Life That Overflows

We find the most wonderful promises from our Savior in God’s Word: “I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly” (John 10:10). – “But the water that […]

Foundation of Faith

The Joy of Pentecost

We are celebrating Pentecost again and should take ourselves back in spirit to that time when the Holy Spirit filled the first followers of the Lord with His power and with His joy of victory. […]

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Foundation of Faith

Wrong Number?

For quite some time, I have been in contact with a young man who, with his family, lives in a Hutterite Colony in another province. For a while already, he has been asking for sermons, […]

Foundation of Faith

Choose Joy! 

At first glance, this challenge may seem like a contradiction, at least in an article addressed to seniors. Such an invitation would be more appropriate for those with life ahead of them. For someone who […]

Foundation of Faith

I Am Leaving but Will Return

Leaving to return again appears to be a meaningless thing on the surface. But if we can penetrate deeply enough into the mind of Christ to grasp the true meaning of this significant act, we […]