Foundation of Faith

The Pinnacle of Love

  “O message deep and true!  A Son is given to us,  and His name is Wonderful!”  Let this resound jubilantly in all of us. Such great things happened in Bethlehem for mankind, and it […]

Foundation of Faith

A Precious Savior

He is precious to me because of His manger. You may ask, “Why? What does that mean?” Well, let me tell you. The manger of Bethlehem tells the story of our Lord and Savior’s wonderful […]

Foundation of Faith

God’s Message from Heaven

Since the existence of the earth, many messages have been sent. Some messages were warnings, others caused conversion to God, and still others were only for special circles and certain people. We know of messages […]

Foundation of Faith

Christmas is…

What is Christmas to you? To many, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. A time to enjoy the holidays with family and friends. A time to admire all of the Christmas decorations […]

Foundation of Faith

Christmas and Golgotha

The essence of Christmas was ultimately fulfilled at Golgotha. It wasn’t only the birth and the life of Jesus that brought salvation to the world; rather, it was His sacrificial death. If Jesus’ death had […]

Foundation of Faith

Follow The Light!

During a time when Christians were persecuted, a certain man resided in the catacombs, the underground tunnels in Rome. It is very dangerous to venture into these channels as it is very easy to become […]

Children's Corner

A Christmas Gift

It was on a Christmas day towards evening when the lights had already been turned on. It was snowing outside. A poorly dressed boy of six entered the pastor’s room. “Mr. Preacher,” he said, and […]