Bolivia Trip Report – 2017

By the grace of God, it was possible for us to visit our brothers and sisters in Bolivia from October 28 to November 11, 2017. For years, we had heard again and again about the work of the Church of God in Bolivia, but hadn’t had the opportunity yet to experience it ourselves.

In recent months, the congregation had acquired a plot of land with a house of worship on it, which is now being modified to accommodate the needs of the local congregation. We heard that tradespeople were needed for various tasks. And so God gave some brothers the joy and desire to support the work in Bolivia. We traveled there with six brothers from Kirchberg and a married couple from Herford.

We landed early on Sunday morning in Santa Cruz and immediately had the opportunity to attend the special services in Via Gracia with Bro. Kehler from Canada. In the evening we reached Valle Esperanza. The new church building in Shalom is about 20 km away from here on a mostly unpaved road.

During these two weeks, we laid tiles on the floors and walls. It became evident that God knew our abilities and had sent just the right number of workers so that each person could help along according to his or her skills. Here we experienced the truth that “God’s way is the best way.”

We are especially thankful to God for the fellowship with our brothers and sisters from Bolivia. They hosted us with great love and provided for us. Although we had never seen each other before, we felt there was a unity in the Spirit and a genuine bond within the family of God. It was a gift for us to spend such intensive time fellowshipping and working with our brothers and sisters.

It was also special for all of us to experience this South American country with its tropical climate and rich nature. After a long hike through the jungle on the Tuesday of the second week, we stood at a waterfall and marveled at the wonderful creation of God and the diversity of animal and plant species.

We are thankful to God for the rich blessings and for His protection on this journey. May God richly bless the work in Bolivia, and may it become a spiritual home for many people.

The brothers from Kirchberg, Germany

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  1. to whom it may concern, we love listening to your programs. we can not admire enough. as sar as we know the young people come where come from, the way they play the way they sing, some of you must been a good music teacher. we listen to Steven platdietch, even Spanish, I was born plat, and spoke some Spanish, I forgot all that and never learned English. I’m a poor man, we pray for Bolivia, hope the lord will keep blessing this missis field,

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