In the Hands of the Master

We are all like musical instruments. We have wonderful possibilities and abilities, but just like a musical instrument, we require the hand of a master to bring out the best. If we are not touched by this Master’s hand, the music of our life will not be beautiful, and no one will be drawn toward it or gladdened and blessed by it. 

Many years ago, an organist did not want to allow a stranger to play on his organ. This man begged him to permit him to at least put his hands on the keys and elicit a few tones from the organ. Reluctantly, the old organist let it happen.

But the fingers of the stranger had barely touched the keys when the organ began to play music like never before. The old organist was highly astonished and immediately realized that the organ was touched by the hand of a master. When he asked for the stranger’s name, he answered: “I am Mendelssohn.” – “And I didn’t want to allow you to play on my organ!” the old organist accused himself. 

One time, an old violin in London was being auctioned off. The man who was leading the auction and who offered the violin for sale said that it was an old and very valuable instrument that came from Italy. Then he handed the instrument to a musician whom he recognized in the crowd and requested him to play it. He played as best he could. But no one was impressed, and very little was offered for the violin. 

Then a stranger pushed his way forward, an Italian, and asked to see the instrument. After he had carefully examined it, he put it on his shoulder, took hold of the bow, and began to play. Everyone suddenly stopped, for the music they were hearing was not comparable to the music of the previous player. They could hardly believe that it was the same instrument. Every listener was touched by the music.

It was the great master, Paganini, who had the violin in his hand and who was playing it. When he stopped playing, high offers were made for this instrument. In the hands of the first player, it seemed that the valuable, old instrument was no more than a regular violin, and no one knew what a treasure could be obtained. –   

We people are like this valuable instrument, but unless we give ourselves to the hand of a Master, the capabilities that are slumbering within us will never emerge. Who is this Master to whom we must give our life so that  it can be beautiful, pleasing, and beneficial for others? It is Jesus, the greatest of all masters. He is the one who has bestowed beauty on the whole world. We ourselves owe thanks to Him for our lives and all things. Observe the stars in the heavens, the moon, the high mountains in their beauty and grandeur! Listen to the song of the birds! Can’t He, who has made all these beautiful things, also make your life beautiful and wonderful?

You are the crown of creation. You have much more value in God’s eyes than birds, flowers, or anything else that you see in nature. God made all of this for your sake. He spilled His blood for you to purchase salvation, righteousness that had fallen away when man sinned. He wants you to give up the sin that makes you so unhappy. He wants to redeem you from sin and make you truly happy. He desires to do the best for you and to make the best out of you, but in order to do this, you must submit your life to Him. You must lay yourself into His hands.

Dear Reader, remember that your life is an unsuccessful life if you do not hand it over to Him. It is His great love for you that causes Him to pursue you. He asks you to come to Him so that He can give you peace in your heart and true rest. You need Him if you want your life on earth to be successful and truly happy. Yes, you need Him if you don’t want to die in your sins and be lost forever in eternity. So turn to Him and say: “Here I am, Lord. I submit to You; take me in Your hands!” No one has ever regretted it.

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