Only an Ant

Jupiter’s temple in ancient Athens was a marvelous building. Sixteen pillars of the temple still stand close to each other. Three others stood to the side until one of them fell about 100 years ago during a stormy night.

The actual reason for this fall was found in the secret destruction done by an ant. It had worked its way through a tiny opening between the pedestal and the foundation. With its infamous diligence, it went to work. Little by little, the rest of the ant population streamed in from the adjoining passages. The mortar crumbled away, continually loosening the foundation of the pillar, until the moment came when it could not stand up to the strength of the storm. What hundreds of years of the power of the elements could not do was accomplished by a weak little population. Although the damage was small and hidden at first, it was disastrous for the massive pillar.

From this fact, there is a serious lesson to be learned. It is very often the small things that cause the greatest harm. For want of a nail the shoe was lost, for want of a shoe the horse was lost…for want of a battle the kingdom was lost. Perhaps it was only one little word, and yet it cut into the soul like a sword and broke a heart. The Bible says: “See how great a forest a little fire kindles” (James 3:5).

Yes, it is the little things that we have to protect ourselves from. The enemy of our souls knows our weakness, and he has little foxes at the ready to destroy the vineyard. They lie in wait to undermine our character and to kill our spiritual life.

Some people may appear to be good, honest, steadfast Christians from the outside, but inside, destruction has begun. Little deceptions, a little bit of greed, negligence, or some kind of a small injustice have had room to grow. These little foxes do not rest until they have completely destroyed the structure. Therefore, let us be aware of the little things. Let us watch and pray and in all things protect our pure hearts and consciences!

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