A German publishing ministry of the Church of God originated in the last years of the 19th century. Originally a branch of the English ministry, the work was carried out under the name Gospel Trumpet Company, with headquarters in Grand Junction, Michigan. German materials were produced in the Gospel Trumpet Company’s printing facility, and the Evangeliums Posaune was first published in January, 1895. In the following years, the print shop was relocated twice: first to Moundsville, West Virginia, in 1898; and then to Anderson, Indiana, in 1906.

For many years, the publishing house Gospel Trumpet Company maintained a German-speaking department and produced much in that language. However, during the First World War, the German ministers saw the need to expand outreach to other Germans through a dedicated entity.

After much meeting and deliberation, the German publishing company, called the Christian Unity Press, was founded in Anderson, Indiana on November 20, 1920. Being an independent publisher created greater responsibility. This was not merely to be the work of a few, but rather, belong to the German congregations and above all, to the Lord.

In addition to the Evangeliums Posaune, many tracts, hymnals and helpful books were produced. A children’s publication was also published for a few years in addition to lesson books for Sunday schools.

In 1927, at a meeting of ministers and those responsible for the Christian Unity Press, a move of the German publisher was considered for a more central location. The state of Nebraska was somewhat central to America and to German-American communities. After some searching, a property was found in York, Nebraska. In September 1928 the move from Anderson to York was carried out. The printing facility and a structure for regular worship services were built in York. For many years, the annual North American German church of God camp meetings were held at this site.

Over time, some changes and additions were necessary. In the 1960s, for example, some residential buildings for employees and a new printing facility were built.

To this day, demand exists for German literature from various church of God congregations. Inquiries for periodicals, books, hymnals, and tracts come from throughout the world where German is spoken; and the publisher strives to fulfill these requests.

In recent years, the field of work has been expanded to include publication of English literature. The periodical, Foundation of Faith, is published monthly. It is an English publication similar to the German Evangeliums Posaune. Additionally, various tracts are regularly printed. In 2008 we were able to produce the new English hymnal, Worship Hymnal of the Church of God.

The Christian Unity Press publishing house continues to serve the ministries of the church of God in North America and throughout the world, however it can.