Testimony – Margaretha Redekop


To the glory of God, I would like to write a testimony of how God has led me.

I was born in Mexico and grew up among the Old Colony Mennonites. At the age of 12, we were allowed to go to church but could not understand what was being read. After 8 years, my parents took me to another community where it was preached that Jesus died for us and that we must receive Him into our hearts. Then I prayed that Jesus would forgive me, and He forgave me and gave me great joy. I had a physical ailment, and He healed me of it. God also made a way for me to get a job in a Christian children’s home, which was a great blessing for me.

After four years, the widower Johan Redekop, who had five young children, came to me and asked me if I would marry him. I couldn’t say yes or no. The task seemed too big for me. I then prayed a lot; some days I couldn’t eat. I searched the Bible a lot for an answer. Then God told me the words from Proverbs 3:5-6: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.” Then I asked God to lead me right, and He gave me a deep peace and joy. Although I knew it wouldn’t be easy, I felt that it was God’s will for us to get married. And God blessed us.

A few weeks later, pastors from Canada came, and so the Church of God began there in Mexico. We did our best to work together. Then after a few years, I got sick, so it was hard for me to even put food on the table. My husband said, “Shall we ask the pastor to act on James 5:14?” We did, and God healed me.

Thank God, I have often experienced how God has helped me. Sometimes God’s ways were different from my wishes. Later, my husband became ill and often had to go to the hospital. It wasn’t easy, but God always helped and gave me the strength I needed. It has now been over 15 years since God took him home.

Last year, I fell off the stairs outside and landed on the cement with my head. I had several injuries to my body, but nothing was broken. Because my balance wasn’t good, I fell again. I didn’t feel well at all after that. They discovered that I had bleeding in my brain. I had myself anointed again. God didn’t heal me suddenly, but He helped through pleading. After a 20-hour stay in the hospital, I was allowed to go home again.

Although my children were told not to leave me alone, I am able to help myself again through prayers, although I have to be careful. I am so grateful to God for His help. All glory to Him!

I often say, as it says in a song: “When I look back, how well God has carried me through good and difficult years!”

Margaretha Redekop

Kitchener, Ontario

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