Report: Church-Building Project Report Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

Walls of the Church

Many may know the city by its previous name, “Astana.” Before that, it had at least two other names. 

After the last world war, the first services of the German-speaking Church of God took place there. Throughout the years, more and more brothers and sisters moved from the villages to the city. In 1989, the church building was dedicated. In the meantime, more than 30 years have passed. A lot has changed in that time, not only in the church but also in the country and in society. Time has also left its mark on the church building. 

So it was decided to construct a new building on the foundations of the old church building, which will serve the Church of God in Kazakhstan for many years. It will also provide a space for the annual camp meeting in northern Kazakhstan. 

In the first 50 years, the services were mainly attended by German-speaking people. In the last decades, it has developed into a congregation that offers a spiritual home to people of many different nationalities in this city. It is precisely because of the new building that many people from the surrounding area have become aware of the church. For them and also for the young people in the congregation, a clear signal is being sent that the light of biblical truth will continue to shine in this place in the future. 

Work began at the beginning of May 2022. First, the old building was demolished. In the first days of June, the exterior walls of the second floor were in place, and the ceiling for the upper floor was constructed. By the end of the month, work was already underway on the roof, which was tiled in mid-July. During my visit, the exterior insulation was installed and the eaves cladding was in place. If God gives grace, the windows should be installed in August. In the weeks that follow, the interior work should be completed to such an extent that the brothers and sisters can experience winter in the new building, even though it will still mostly be a construction site. If the Lord gives success, the dedication will be celebrated next year. May God richly bless the congregation and continue to give guidance and success to the work.

Hermann Vogt

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