Foundation of Faith

Indispensable Andrew

Andrew was the first young man whom Jesus called to follow Him. What do we know about this disciple? He does not seem to have been an extraordinarily gifted or influential man, and we know […]

Foundation of Faith

Are You a Soul-Winner?

The evangelist Moody once made a New Year’s resolution that he would not let a single day pass in the course of the year where he did not speak with at least one person about […]

Foundation of Faith

Encountering God

How awesome is God, in that He had an amazing, glorious plan of salvation prepared for mankind before He ever created the universe! And since man’s fall into sin, God, in His great mercy and […]

Children's Corner

A Home Missionary

Tim dashed into the house, his face all aglow. “Mother,” he called, “the new family is moving in next door, and do you know what?” “No, what?” asked Mother. “They have two boys and a […]

Foundation of Faith

Good Advice for the New Year

Heinrich Wichern once made a remarkable statement at the beginning of a new year: “Whoever allows his Bible to start gathering dust as of January 1, will find that by December 31, his soul will […]