Foundation of Faith

The Call

We were conducting a session of our men’s gathering. About 35 mountain men were seated around me. The conversation was lively. All kinds of questions you can think of were hurled at me. One man […]

Children's Corner


“Rainer,” Mother said, “I just planted the garden plot over there in the corner. Make sure you don’t run through it or even step over the edges of it!” “No, no, Mommy,” the cheerful boy […]


Testimony: Linda Valger

“The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.” (Psalm 23:1) I grew up in a large family in Russia, whose Communist government persecuted Christians at that time. Despite that, my parents owned a Bible. […]

Foundation of Faith

The Path to Holiness

Based on the Bible’s testimony, we have various possibilities for special experiences with God. However, a spiritual experience is only genuine if it has been searched for and attained in a biblical way. God’s Word […]

Foundation of Faith

Just a Homemaker

While filling out a form, a woman came across the question: “What is your career?” – “Just a homemaker.” Just before she was about to write that, she stopped. Suddenly, several tasks related to her […]

Foundation of Faith

The Prayer of a Mother

During one of my regular visits to prison, I once entered the cell of a young convict. My first discussion with him seemed an utter failure, and as I left after ending the visit with […]

Foundation of Faith

The Holy Spirit

In the New Testament, there are many verses which give us insight concerning the Holy Spirit. Scripture says more about the Holy Spirit than many theologians cover in their expositions. Perhaps it is because Christology […]

Foundation of Faith

Why Do We Need Sanctification?

The doctrine regarding sanctification is an essential part of the Holy Scriptures and deals with the entire salvation of man. Sanctification is so important that we find many foreshadows in the Old Testament which help […]