Foundation of Faith

Repentance: An Outdated Word?

Everyone wants to hear that they are good and that their decisions are correct. But guilt and misconduct cannot simply be discussed away; they strain the relationship and the conscience until the guilt is finally […]

Foundation of Faith


A study from Los Angeles found that couples in North America communicate with each other for an average of about 35 minutes per week. This is mainly about organizational matters. Barely half an hour of […]

Foundation of Faith

Finding Assurance

A young man was asked how long he knew the Lord and if he knew that his sins were forgiven. He replied: “My sins are forgiven. I truly know!” “When were you convinced of that?” […]

Foundation of Faith

Starting Over With Jesus

A man was walking thoughtfully through his garden when he saw a bird’s nest on the ground. A mighty storm had just passed through. The nest had been destroyed by the violent shaking of the […]

Children's Corner


One morning, a mother was pleasantly surprised by her son Jacob when he said to her: “Mom, I have almost an hour before school starts. Can I still help you somehow?”  The mother could hardly […]

Foundation of Faith

True Repentance

By repenting and turning to God, a new life begins. Repentance involves leaving behind the old, and beginning something new. A person who realizes that life without God is a mistake remembers the depressing burden […]