Foundation of Faith

Detecting Danger and Staying Safe

Dangers are ever present, threatening us in differing ways and in diverse life situations. Age and marital status play no role in this. A survey among believers regarding current dangers would reveal a variety of […]

Foundation of Faith

Dangers of Social Media

For most of us, using media is a regular part of our daily routine. We check our email when we wake up, scroll through Facebook to see if there’s anything new, and download our favorite […]

Foundation of Faith

Focus on the Essential

As believers, we are on the way to heaven, but we have not yet arrived. Yet we have this hope that is set before us. It is God’s intention that we keep this hope as […]

Foundation of Faith

The Stolen Crown

This warning was sent to the church in Philadelphia. God had shown His approval to the church in what they were doing. The Lord had lovingly promised His protection in upcoming battles and temptations. However, […]

green grasses on sahara desert
Foundation of Faith


When the long wandering in the desert came to an end and the people of Israel were to take possession of the land of Canaan, a rich, watered, fertile land, the Lord warned them through […]

Foundation of Faith

I Will Be With You

I unexpectedly received a telegram ordering me to return home immediately. It was signed by my brother, but as it turned out, the actual sender was a Jewish teacher who wanted to guide me back […]

Children's Corner

Laura gives her heart to Jesus

For some time now, Laura has been thinking about a particular illustration from her children’s Bible. It shows Jesus standing at a door, knocking. Mom had read aloud the words of Jesus: “Behold, I stand […]