Children's Corner

The Mystery of the Seed

Have you ever seen how a small seed is planted in the ground and later green leaves grow from it? The seed disappears, and in its place, a new plant grows that can produce many […]

Children's Corner

The Meaning of the Cross

Nicholas was thoughtful. He had noticed that there were crosses in several places in his little town. A shiny cross was on the roof of the town church. At the edge of the forest, there […]

Foundation of Faith

The Living Christ

The disciples’ salvation depended on the fate of the Lord Jesus. All their hopes were based on Him. When He died on the cross, everything seemed lost to them. How sad and sorrowful the disciples […]


Report from Bolivia

We look back on the past year 2023 with gratitude. On December 3, 2022, we traveled as a family with our two children and the Willi & Larissa Bese family, also with two children, from […]

Foundation of Faith

Christ and the Two Thieves

Jesus is always ready and willing and has power to save. The two thieves who were crucified with Him had an evil past and even displayed a negligent attitude while hanging on the cross. They […]

Foundation of Faith

I Will Be With You

The Lord led me down an even more difficult path. Despite the wonderful experiences I had already had with Him, He saw that I still had much to learn. In order to be able to […]

Foundation of Faith

The Cross

The cross of Golgotha still stands victorious and exalted, even though attacks and storms have raged against it for centuries. However, all of these attacks have been crushed, and the cross stands undefeated.  It will […]