Foundation of Faith

Growing Older Gracefully

Growing old is a fact of life. It is inevitable. However, how we age is in our hands. We have a tremendous impact on the last years of our lives. In collaboration with other brothers […]

Foundation of Faith

The Power of Good Examples

We are all certainly very grateful for the good, helpful examples that people have shown in their lives and left behind for our encouragement. These examples have often encouraged, comforted, and uplifted us and have […]

Foundation of Faith

We Need Christ In Our Time

Every person has their own life experiences. Most have gone to school for many years. Every person has some knowledge of a few things, and some have knowledge of many things. In today’s culture, people […]

Children's Corner

The Bible

God’s Word on Paper When I travel, I always take a Bible with me. One is so small that it fits in my jacket pocket. The people of Israel were also to have the Word […]

Foundation of Faith

Can Christ Be Seen In Your Life?

Every Christian carries a great responsibility. He bears the name “Christian” and confesses that Jesus dwells in him. If his life is consistent with his confession, he bears fruit to the glory of God. But […]