Children's Corner

The First Forbidden Step!

Mrs. Richter once had to go away for a whole day. She instructed Henry to stay home until she returned. Henry did not have a problem with that. Around noon, his friend Peter came and […]

Foundation of Faith


Indeed, she did not think that it was possible for it all to be an illusion, a lie, and a deception. And yet, in the entire situation only one single word was true. Unfortunately this […]


Only an Ant

Jupiter’s temple in ancient Athens was a marvelous building. Sixteen pillars of the temple still stand close to each other. Three others stood to the side until one of them fell about 100 years ago […]

Foundation of Faith

Is Infant Baptism Biblical?

A German pastor of the Evangelical Church wrote a treatise in 2003 entitled “Biblical Baptism – Infant Baptism or Baptism of Conversion” and introduced it with the musing words: “Baptism is a hotly disputed topic […]


That Was His Life

When we remember people who are no longer alive but who left behind a good impression, it is often said of them: Music, motorcycles, nature, traveling…was his/her life, something that they did with passion or […]

Foundation of Faith

Christian Baptism

“Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. He who believes and is baptized will be saved; but he who does not believe will be condemned.” (Mark 16:15-16) For over three […]

Foundation of Faith

The Boa Constrictor

An animal trainer had a trained boa constrictor, among other animals, that travelled with him and performed for audiences. He had received the snake 25 years ago when it was little and had trained it […]


Born Twice

At the Marburg cemetery, there is a gravestone with a notable inscription: “Here rests R.R., born on…, born the second time on…, entering the rest of the people of God on….” It can hardly be […]