A Home Missionary

Tim dashed into the house, his face all aglow. “Mother,” he called, “the new family is moving in next door, and do you know what?”

“No, what?” asked Mother.

“They have two boys and a little girl. Isn’t that great?”

Mother was not sure until she knew a little more about them, but she smiled and Tim ran out again to watch the moving men.

After a while he came in again, and following him were three children. One was older than Tim, the other younger, and the girl just a tiny two-year-old.

“May we have something to eat?” asked Tim, wistfully. “These folks didn’t have any lunch and they are hungry.”

His mother looked surprised, and laying aside her work she said cheerily, “Why of course. We can’t have anyone hungry around here,” and she poured milk and set a plate of cookies on the table.

“Sit down,” said Tim, trying to act grown up. “Here’s your place. “Say grace,” and he nodded to the other boy.

‘‘Say what?” asked the boy.

“Say the blessing,” answered Tim, a little surprised.

“What’s that?” questioned the boy.

“Don’t you say a blessing at your house when you eat?” asked Tim wonderingly.

“Naw,” answered the other.

“Well, all right, then I’ll say it: ‘We thank you, Father, for this food, for everything we have that’s good. May we serve you from day to day. In Jesus’ name. Amen.’ ”

“Now you can eat,” and Tim passed the cookies.

“What did you do that for?” asked Bill.

“Well, you see,” explained Tim, “God made everything, and He gives us all our food, and our home and our fathers and mothers, and oh, just everything; so we ought to thank Him for them. Don’t you thank your mother for things she gives you?”

“Yes,” answered Bill, “but we can see her.”

“Well, God gives us things even if we can’t see Him.”

Jerry looked questioning, “What?”

“He makes the sun to shine and the rain fall, doesn’t He?” The others nodded. “Well, if it wasn’t for that, nothing would grow and we wouldn’t have anything to eat.” The boys nodded again.

“Don’t you go to Sunday school?” asked Tim.

“Oh, we used to a long time ago, but now Mom says there are too many of us to get ready and we don’t get up in time.”

“I wish you would go with me Sunday.”

“I’ll ask Mom,” said Bill. “Maybe she’ll let us.”

Mother came in with another plate of cookies.

“Why, I am sure you could help get the others ready, couldn’t you, Bill?” Bill grinned and helped himself to more cookies.

“ ’Spose I could,” he said, “what time does it begin?”

“At 9:30,” answered Mother. “We will stop for you. It isn’t far. We will be glad to have your father and mother go too. So you be sure to tell them about it.”

“All right,” said Bill, and then his mother called and they ran home. And that is the way five new people started coming to Tim’s Sunday School.

The Beautiful Way

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