Testimony: Linda Valger


“The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.” (Psalm 23:1)

I grew up in a large family in Russia, whose Communist government persecuted Christians at that time. Despite that, my parents owned a Bible. We children grew up with a basic knowledge of God’s Word. 

After I married and left my parent’s home, the Lord gave us our first son. Three years later, when I was pregnant with our second son, I suddenly became ill with a severe nerve illness that no doctor in Russia could help me with. Over the next few years, I had two more children, but the illness continued and didn’t improve. In 1990, we decided to immigrate as a family to Germany. I lived in the hope that the doctors in Germany could help me, but, to my disappointment, they couldn’t either.

I was already so much in despair that I toyed with the idea of taking my own life. But the Lord was gracious to me and didn’t allow it. One day, I was at home alone, which was always terrible for me. I expected another attack, but a power came over me instead that caused me to go into my room and pray. I obeyed this feeling, knelt down, and began to pray. I begged with tears. Suddenly, it became so bright in my room and a great joy and peace came over me so that I thought my heart would explode from joy! At the same time, I could feel that I had been healed from my suffering! My Lord delivered me. Not only had He forgiven all my sins, but He also freed me from this long illness.

There have been many lows in my life, but only the grace of God has delivered me from them. I have experienced that Jesus is my Savior. I thank Him with all my heart for His grace and love, and I want to be obedient to Him. I want Jesus to reign in my heart, and I want to be faithful to Him until the end of my life. The Lord is my shepherd!

Linda Valger 

Steinbach, Manitoba

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