Can Christ Be Seen In Your Life?

Every Christian carries a great responsibility. He bears the name “Christian” and confesses that Jesus dwells in him. If his life is consistent with his confession, he bears fruit to the glory of God. But if his life does not confirm his testimony, he brings shame on Christ and on Christianity.

The character of God needs to be revealed in how we live and not so much in what we say. It is not the words and testimonies that convince the world that God exists and offers salvation from sins since the world has often been deceived by so-called “Christians.” But a truly holy life will convince a poor, sinful person of the power of saving grace.

In many a heart there is a longing for God, and the soul cries out: “Is there a God who can save and wants to save me? How can I find Him? Can I be certain that He really exists?”

The apostle Paul said, “Christ is my life!” Every Christian should live in such a way that the sinner can see and know much of God by looking at the Christian’s life. The Christian should live holy in his daily life and prove his Christianity by a truly God-fearing walk. If we profess to be Christians, the world around us should get a concept of Christianity through our lives. May our lives be such that they reflect a true picture of true Christianity and the holiness of God in the minds of men!

God is love. We as His children know Him as a God of love. We feel this love and its power in our lives. But the unbeliever knows nothing of God’s love for him; he cannot see it. We can tell him about it, but he cannot comprehend it. What can be done? We, as Christians, must let him see and feel this love in our own lives.

The world must see in us a love that causes us to do for a fellow human being what an unsaved person could not do. It must feel in us a powerful current of love that convinces it of a power that is more than human and natural. Children of God, we can make the sinner know that God loves him by loving him with the love of God.

A great responsibility rests on us. We are the pure spring that should be filled with love. The unsaved person must see God’s love in us.  In us, he must see the beautiful character of God so that he can taste and see how kind the Lord is.

Has the world around us ever seen Jesus? We should live so that when people are asked if they have ever seen Jesus, they can say that they have seen Him in us. The world wants to see the love of God. Let us show them the same, not in words but with our lives!

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