A Soldier For The Lord

little boy studying the scriptures.

On the way home from church one Sunday, Jared was puzzled. “Daddy, in Sunday school the teacher said that we should be soldiers for Christ. How can we be soldiers when God says to be peacemakers and not fight?” 

“Well, Son, an army does not just go out and fight wars with other countries for no reason. We have soldiers to protect our country, or in other words to keep someone else from coming in and taking over,” his dad said. “Now can you think how we might help protect Christ and His Word?” 

“I guess if someone said that the Bible is a lie, we could say that they are wrong; that the Bible is truly the Word of God,” Jared replied. 

“That’s right, Jared,” Daddy said. “We can also fight the devil who wants to take over our hearts. Whenever the devil brings bad things to our mind, he is trying to win us over to his army. Sometimes our heart and mind are like a battleground. We are on the Lord’s side, but the devil often tries to get in and take over. We must fight back or he could get us in his army.” 

Jared thought a moment. “One day in the grocery store Jimmy and Danny took a candy bar when no one was looking. I wanted a candy bar, too, but I didn’t dare take one. I told them that was stealing and the Bible said ‘Thou shalt not steal’,” Jared said. “Was I being a good soldier for the Lord?” 

“ Yes, Jared,” Daddy said. “ You were protecting the Truth. Another thing, in the army soldiers are not lazy and must obey all commands. How are we to know God’s commands?” 

“By reading the Bible,” Jared replied. 

“That’s right, Jared. We must read the Bible so we may know what the Lord wants us to do.” 

“Now that I’m learning to read, I want a Bible of my own so I can read it and be a good soldier for God.” 

Sandra Whitson (The Beautiful Way)

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