Bible Course 2018 in Chilliwack

With thankful hearts we look back at two weeks of blessings at this year’s Bible Course of the Church of God in Chilliwack, BC. About 40 students and four teachers attended the course, which began with a Devotional and prayer each morning, followed by four teaching hours. Bro. Taron spoke in the first hour on the Church of God. Bro. Kehler followed with Principles of the Greatest Commandment. After lunch, Bro. Klinger presented Christian Apologetics and Witnessing, and finally, Bro. Mielke sang with the students and taught about The Bible, Truth, and God. All who participated were richly blessed and encouraged in their Christian walk.

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Below are a few comments by some of the students who attended the course.

I thank God that I was able to attend the Bible Course. I was richly blessed by all the lessons, the singing, and especially the fellowship with other believers. I hope and pray that we could keep being passionate about God and His Word throughout our lives.

Trudy Neufeld, Rosal, Mexico

One of the things that really made an impact on me was the session on the Greatest Commandment, loving God with all your heart, and your neighbor as yourself. True love can’t be commanded or bought, it must be freely offered.

Anna Klassen, Steinbach, Canada

I’m thankful I had the opportunity to connect with fellow Christians who are really serious about their faith. This fellowship is a great reminder that I serve the true, living God.

Miran Marinc, Hamilton, Canada

While praying with one of the pastors, I had a really special encounter with God. During the course, I felt the presence of God as never before. I am so thankful that God let His Holy Spirit rest on us over these two weeks.

Henry Borsch, Steinbach, Canada

Bible Course always feels like a mountaintop experience. Learning about Bible truths, having fellowship with many believers, and singing late into the evening is a highlight. Please keep us young people in your prayers, so that we can remain in what we have learned.

Ruth Mirau, Barrhead, Canada

I thank God for the opportunity to attend the Bible Course. The in-depth study of several important topics, the fellowship, singing, getting to know new friends, and sharing experiences defined these two weeks and will make them unforgettable to me.

Kerstin Schmelzle, Pforzheim, Germany

Singing together with so many believers has really encouraged me.

Ines Neufeld, Edmonton, Canada

What stood out to me was that in order to witness to others, we need to live a life of integrity and not compromise our faith for anyone.

Karsten Brix, Aylmer, Canada

I am so blessed that I got saved and had the opportunity to join the Bible Course. We learned about how to love, what is biblical Christianity, facts of the Bible and church history. Together we will carry the torch and light up all the nations, spreading the Good News to all people.

Y. L., ZhengZhou, China

What impacted me at the Bible Course? The smoky conditions from the wild-fires surrounding us, the prayers at night, the fire of God’s love burning in our hearts, the good lunches provided, the lessons we learned that strengthen us in our walk with God. Thank you, Lord, with mighty thanks!

Jenery Perico, Edmonton, Canada

My faith was strengthened through the Bible lessons and I became more grounded in the truth of God’s word. Our free time was also a tremendous blessing to me. We spent time together as young believers enjoying God’s creation, studying the Word together, worshiping Him in song, and sharing how He is working in our lives. Thank you to everyone who prayed for us during this time! 

Ken Froese, Edmonton, Canada

I was blessed by the lesson on loving your neighbor as yourself. To love, you need healthy self-love. In other words, if we focus so much on others that we neglect ourselves, how can we wholeheartedly love somebody else?

Jasmina Powell, Hamilton, Canada

The time in the lessons, the time spent worshipping in song, and the fellowship with other believers have always let me feel blessed.

Bryce Schroeder, Hamilton, Canada

I really appreciate the Bible Course. It’s a wonderful opportunity to learn about truths in God’s Word. One of those truths is the Church of God. I love this. God calls everyone out of division and error into one true church which carries the Father’s name. What an honor and privilege that is!

Mike Thiessen, Chilliwack, Canada

I am very thankful that I was able to attend the Bible Course. I was richly blessed through the conversations we students had. The apologetics and witnessing lessons were the ones that I learned a lot in. We learned how we can be an effective witness to those around us and how to give a ready defense when others ask us about our faith.

James Schulz, Steinbach, CA

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