Easter Conference in Hamm – 2018

We thank God for answering our prayers and giving us richly blessed Easter services together with many brothers and sisters from various congregations. The motto of these Fest services was from John 3:36: “He who believes in the Son has everlasting life.”

On Good Friday, the services began with a sermon that reminded us of the suffering of Jesus before His crucifixion, and we were admonished to continuously remember the great love our Lord has toward His people. In the evening service, we examined the thought “[they] turned away his heart” (1 Kings 11:3). Through Solomon’s life, we were shown what a danger exists when a heart turns toward idols, as was the case for Solomon. This warning applies to every single soul but also for local congregations who are in danger of turning to the “idols of these times.”

The theme on Saturday morning, “Are you still fulfilling your role?” tested our service to God. Due to our prosperity, our dependence on God and our eagerness to follow Him threatens to decrease more and more. Without following and serving Him uncompromisingly, we will inevitably lose our spiritual life.

In the afternoon service, the question “What place does Jesus have?” was especially directed to the young people. Jesus must have the first place in all areas of our lives and be the center of our lives. In the evening, the theme was “He arose and followed Him.” Matthew left everything behind and followed the call of Jesus. When the Holy Spirit prepares a heart and speaks to a soul, no burden is too heavy and no sacrifice too great. Praise be to God’s great goodness and grace as several souls followed this call from God and accepted the invitation to repent.

On Easter Sunday, the central theme in the morning service was “The power of the resurrection.” Through the resurrection, death was defeated. Jesus’ resurrection is a source of encouragement and the path to paradise, and it gives us power to withstand temptations. In the second service, we heard about the topic “In the service of the king.” In life, we can only serve one master, either God or the devil. God wants everyone to stand in unity in His service and to work for Him with His help. In the evening service, we were asked the question, “What is the purpose of your life?” It was specifically about whether we want to live for ourselves or for God. In every decision in our life, in every temptation that we experience, we choose whether to live for God or for ourselves.

“Until Christ is formed in you” was the theme of the first service of the last day of the Easter Conference. After salvation, Christ wants to form us according to His standard, so that God can be glorified. Then we can bring fruit and be a light there where God has placed us. In the last service, we heard the Word of God through the theme “Christ is the only One.” Again and again, the matchlessness of Christ was brought forth, for example, in that He was the only sinless person, He is the only way to heaven, the only Truth, the only Son of God. Therefore, we as His followers are matchless, too, and want to emulate the example of Jesus.

We are thankful for these blessed Easter days and give Him the glory for His rich blessings.

Manuel Strewljau,

Hamm (DE)

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