We are experiencing today what our Lord and Savior prophesied to His disciples and to us: there will be hate, jealousy, wars, and also pestilences (see Matthew 24:7).

Yes, this coronavirus (covid-19) struck suddenly and unexpectedly. Hundreds of thousands have been infected and fallen ill, many have died, and we read daily about the hardships, dangers, and safety precautions of the pestilence that we are in the middle of!

Millions have lost their jobs; many are afraid and lonely and need urgent help. Can we compare this time to that of the wanderers in the desert who went on uncharted paths through the desert and did not know what would happen in the future? Many people in this world are without hope, in despair, without an anchor, without Christ! 

Dear reader, people in our circles are living in fearful uncertainty, worried about their lives and health, and they are often also scared of dying. Yes, they find themselves in the desert of life and thirst for help.

As children of God, do we not have a great task here? God’s Word, yes, the Lord Himself, commands us: “O inhabitants of the land of Tema, bring water to him who is thirsty; with their bread they met him who fled” (Isaiah 21:14). Tema is an oasis, a place where water, food, and bread are in abundance. It is a place where a person can draw water with joy, and there is plenty for everyone. Therefore, approach the one who is thirsty; hurry to bring the water of life!

People need water and bread for their bodies, for their physical beings, but of greater importance is food for the soul! Therefore, go to the thirsty and bring that precious living water which only the Son of God has, so that souls can be saved and made right with Him.

H. D. Nimz

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