Everything is Different Through Jesus

Ten young men are sitting sadly in a room together. Why? All their hopes for a better life are shattered. They had imagined how wonderful it would be when their master would be king and they would be His government officials. And now? Their castle in the sky has collapsed.

Three days ago, Jesus was sentenced to death, nailed to the cross and buried. In the city, lies were being spread: they, the disciples, were said to have stolen and hidden their dead master! Now they are afraid of being arrested. That’s why everything is locked up tight. One of their number, Thomas, left and they do not know where to. Suddenly, the Lord Jesus Himself enters into the midst of the sad disciples. He greets them: “Peace be with you!” They recognize His voice. Is it really Him? He shows them His hands and His feet. They can see exactly where the nails went through. Slowly the fear gives way, and instead of sadness, great joy comes into their hearts. Yes, Jesus really is alive! Three times they had experienced Jesus raising others from the dead. Now God had performed this miracle on Him. His power is greater than all human power. Now everything will be alright again, because Jesus is alive! New courage and hope are awakened in the hearts of the disciples.

In all fear and distress Jesus says: “Peace be with you!” If you talk to Him in prayer, you can be happy about that today too.

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