I remember one evening when a storm was raging outside and our father came in. My brother and I were sitting quite comfortably at the table playing a game.

“Quick, boys, take a lantern and head for town!” he said. “Head for town? Why, Father?”

“Because I said so! Go quickly; you will soon see why!”

So we went. After a short distance, we met a dear lady who was coming to see us. She had been delayed by all sorts of causes and had ended up walking in darkness. Father had ridden past her and had seen her. He had wanted to bring her home on his horse, but she was too afraid of the horse to take him up on the offer.

She was so happy to see us coming toward her. And she also made sure to reward us for giving up our playtime because of her. Joyfully, we arrived home with her.

Our mother used this opportunity to tell us what faith is: “See, boys, if you listen to God the same way and follow His will as you did today with your father, then you are true believers. Abraham had to go to a land he did not know. And he, like you today, went into the darkness, not knowing where he would end up. He thought, ‘My God cannot want anything foolish.’ And you know, his obedience paid off. Faith has its root in joyful, childlike trust in God. But it always shows itself as humble obedience. He who understands this understands the whole Bible from A to Z.” –

This makes me think of another little experience. I once went to see a gentleman in his office in a town near us. He had a pile of gold pieces lying in front of him, more than I had ever seen before.

“Do you like them?” he asked, watching my astonished looks. “Of course I like them! So many gold pieces!” – “Take one!” was his reply. I turned red and pale, hot and cold. But I didn’t dare take one. “A gold piece for me?” That was too much!

“So take one,” he said again. “Do you think I am not rich enough to give you a gold piece?”

I finally decided to take one, but it was still like a dream to me for a long time. For many days, I couldn’t quite believe that I really owned it, even though it was in my pocket. –

Isn’t this how we often respond to God’s offer of grace? May God help us to reach out and trust Him completely!

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