Give Thanks To The Lord!

Is it our deepest desire to give thanks to the Lord? For many people, that is not the case. Many simply accept what God does for them without any further thought. With their own eyes, they see how a beautiful stalk of wheat grows from a small seed. However, they do not see the Creator. They don’t even contemplate that millions of people are nourished that way. The days when people went hungry are long forgotten. Those people are now in the same category as those who have food in abundance. And in prosperous times thankfulness often vanishes. Thanksgiving becomes perhaps like an indifferent nod to tradition – because one wants to be polite. After all, most of us are not harvesting anymore, but are constructing and producing every day. Ultimately, that is our accomplishment. Who can still truly identify with: “The eyes of all look expectantly to You, and You give them their food in due season” (Psalm 145:15)? 

When natural disasters, wars, sicknesses, and hardships strike, help is typically facilitated by other people. Therefore, many purposely do not thank God. It is said: “We earned it all ourselves. It is because of our effort.”

Can we as God’s children thank the Lord? Not all sense true thankfulness to God in their hearts, although they may desire to. They don’t personally know the Giver. Do you only have an anonymous benefactor? Nevertheless, God’s love for all of humanity is evident: He allows the sun to rise over the righteous and the unrighteous. God cares for all. Many people know this God of creation. They have experienced His help. However, God wants to be more than Creator and Sustainer to us. Through Jesus, God has shown Himself to be “Father” to us. He not only cares for our physical well-being but also for our soul. He provides bread so that we may be filled, and He also gave the whole world His Son: the Bread of Life.

Honor God as your Creator. Draw near to Him through Jesus Christ and experience Him as your Father! Thank Him for everything! You will receive further blessings from Him.

Arthur E. Lange

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