If Sinners Entice You

     “Tom, have you heard the latest?”

     “No, David, what happened now?”

     “The rich Mr. Ebert is whining and complaining because he lost his wallet yesterday.”

     “Where did he lose it? Has nobody found it yet?”

     “Tom, because you are my best friend and know how to keep quiet, I will tell you. Yesterday, just before dark, I had to buy something for my mom. A couple of steps from our property, I saw a brown wallet lying on the street. When I opened it, I found a hundred Euros in it. If you want to, we can share the money. Mr. Ebert is supposed to be one of the richest men in our city. He will not go bankrupt.”

     “That’s not right, David. You talk as if the money belongs to us.”

     “Of course it belongs to us. Nobody knows anything about it.”

     “Oh no, David. Last Sunday, my Sunday School teacher said: ‘God sees everything, and He punishes every sin.’ The teacher also said that those who are not honest the first time usually became very bad people. No, David, if you want to become a thief, you cannot be my friend anymore. You probably do not know the verse from the Bible: ‘My son, if sinners entice you, do not consent’ (Proverbs 1:10).”

     “What are you suggesting, Tom? What should I do with the money?”

     “Come on, let’s go to Mr. Ebert right now and give him the wallet with everything in it. Everyone who lives in our village will soon know about it. They will appreciate you and also the parents of such a son. And I myself will be proud of my friend David in the future.”

     “You’re right, Tom. I almost ended up on a bad way. I will ask my parents if I can go to Sunday School with you every Sunday from now on.”

L. Besler

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