“One of these hours will be my last”

These admonishing words are written above a clock in the state of Saarland, Germany. I am reminded of them again and again and cannot forget them. You, too, will have to realize that this sentence contains the complete truth.

“All my possessions for a moment of time!” It is said that these were the last words of Queen Elizabeth I of England on March 24, 1603, as she writhed in last agonies on her deathbed. Poor woman! She had a crown on her head, a kingdom at her feet, and millions in her treasuries, and yet she begged for a minute! She was surrounded with all the world could offer in grandeur, splendor, and glory. But neither her power, nor the skill of physicians, nor the devotion of her subjects could give her the moment she asked for.

One of these hours will also be the last for you! Look this fact clearly in the eye and draw the right conclusions from it! Is your life with God in order? That is what matters. What use are all earthly goods, beauty, happiness, and honor among people when your dying hour comes? All this will then appear to you as void and meaningless. 

“If I have Christ, I have everything, even if I had nothing. If I do not have Christ, I have nothing, even if I had everything,” were the words of a dying man. This says it all, for a life in communion with Jesus Christ is true joy, real happiness, and genuine peace. A life without Jesus is lost.

The famous professor Tholuk once traveled in Italy and was driven a long time by an old coachman. When Tholuk had to leave him, he asked him what the greatest wish of his heart was. The coachman did not think long but answered with a quivering voice and eyes wet with tears: “To die in peace with God!”

This, then, was the highest desire of this simple man, the desire that dominated and determined his life. The old professor commented: “Nothing of all the beautiful, great and glorious things that I have seen and heard in Italy has made such a deep impression on me as the simple words of this coachman from Abruzzo.”

Jesus Christ accomplished everything with His sacrificial death on the cross of Golgotha so that you too can die in peace with God one day. Deep peace will enter your heart if you accept the gift of His atonement in faith and give your yes to the Savior. Will you not trust Him?

Don’t do like that old guard on the road. In the evening, after dark, he lowered the barrier and went to rest. One night, a traveler came along the way, knocked, and asked to be let in. The guard answered, “I’m coming!” When he did not come, the traveler repeated his calling and knocking and received the same answer. But the guard did not come. At last, the traveler ran out of patience. He pushed open the door of the hut and called inside, “How is it that for a quarter of an hour now you have been calling out, ‘I’m coming!’ and yet you don’t come?” The old man snapped out of his sleep, asked to be excused, and said, “I’m so used to the calling and knocking that I answer in my sleep, ‘I’m coming.’”

This is what many people do when they hear the Word of God. They say, “I’m coming!” but they never come. Take the step toward the Lord now and accept His offer. Then you will be able to confidently overcome sin and face the hour that will be your last. The Bible clearly testifies: “He who believes in the Son has everlasting life” (John 3:36).

S. K.

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