Precious Possessions 

Our earthly possessions are surrounded by uncertainty. In many cases, riches, health, and honor are only with us for a short time on life’s journey. Even if they accompany us on every step of the way, they cannot cross the threshold of death. Each human soul enters eternity without anything earthly at all.

The human heart is so attached to earthly goods, but can they ever satisfy it? Deep within, deeper still than the voice of the heart, resounds a yearning for eternal riches. 

This desire is echoed in the eternal soul of every person. Is there such a thing as lasting wealth? Jesus, who is eternal Himself, said, “I am with you always” (Matthew 28:20). He is eternal and unchangeable. Even if our riches on Earth are lost, He remains a precious possession and fills our hearts with heavenly wealth. If our health is lost, Jesus is the best comfort, the only hope, and the strength for every difficult day. If the world wants to rob us of our honor, we can take our honor and reputation from Jesus, whose greatest shame on the cross is still better than the highest honor the world can offer.

When the shadow of death draws near, when everything earthly begins to fade, He, the Prince of Life, leads the ones who loved Him through death’s dark door to their eternal, lasting, precious possessions.

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