Foundation of Faith

The Immeasurable Value of the Bible

It is regrettable that so few people actually read the Bible. The Bible is the most well-known and most widely- distributed book, while being the least understood and comprehensively-mastered manuscript.  Have you ever thoughtfully and […]

Foundation of Faith

Back to the Bible

Much more terrible than global environmental pollution is the dramatic moral decline and increasing alienation from God. Is there still a way out of this spiral of destruction for humanity? “Back to nature!” This is […]

Foundation of Faith

The Amazing Book

It is said that the French scoffer Voltaire, who lived during the period of Frederick the Great and vehemently opposed Christianity, once said, “In less than one hundred years, Christianity will be extinct. Then Bibles […]

Children's Corner

What Is Your Favorite Book?

The Ethiopian Queen Candace had a court official who managed all her treasures. Surely this man had everything he wanted and should have been really happy and satisfied. And yet he lacked something, namely: God. […]