What Is Your Favorite Book?


The Ethiopian Queen Candace had a court official who managed all her treasures. Surely this man had everything he wanted and should have been really happy and satisfied. And yet he lacked something, namely: God. Yes, peace with God. Please believe me that nothing on this earth can make you rich and happy if you are missing that one thing. You too must look for it until you find it. 

How did this court official find it? He willingly paid a price for it. He requested an extended vacation to take a long journey. He traveled to Jerusalem, where the temple of God stood. He hoped to find God. Once there, he visited the magnificent buildings, the temple halls, and columns. He also prayed to this living God; but despite all this, he was not entirely happy. He had not found what his heart longed for. 

So he had to go home again. At the time, the journey was not as fast as it would be today by train, car, or plane. He had to travel in a hot carriage for many days. For the monotonous ride, he brought along something to read. It was the Holy Scripture he had bought in Jerusalem and in which he now read aloud. In it was written of a man who had suffered, quiet and patient as a lamb, and was eventually slaughtered. “I wonder who that was?” he mused. 

He was so engrossed in reading that he did not notice a man come alongside his carriage and listen. This man was so familiar with the contents of the book that he joyfully asked the court official, “Do you understand what you are reading?” He replied, “How can I, unless someone guides me?” (Acts 8:31-32) 

The name of the man was Philip and he was a disciple of the Lord Jesus, and he was glad to be able to speak of his Savior. He sat down on the wagon and explained to the court official that this lamb is the Son of God. He allowed Himself to be slaughtered in order to carry the just punishment for our sins so that mankind would be free from it and gain peace with God. He continued to tell him that this Son of God, Jesus Christ, had already come and that the judgment was brought against Him when He allowed Himself to be nailed to the cross. 

Now the court official understood the word he had read and accepted the Lord Jesus in faith and was also baptized by Philip. Then he went on his way rejoicing.

Dear children, all of this is in the Bible. Say, do you know the Bible? It shows us the way to a happy, happy life: If you sincerely repent of your sins and honestly confess them to the Savior in prayer, then you, too, can accept in faith that the Lord Jesus died for you and washed away all your sins. Then your life will be full and happy. Read your Bible every day and let it become your favorite book! 


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