The Better Land

Something to Think About

A while ago, I rode on the train together with a middle-aged man. We were alone in section of the train and he asked me some questions. During our conversation, he informed me that he was a Danish railway official who was on a vacation. He planned to visit Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain, and Germany. He expressed his excitement over the beautiful landscapes he would see in the different countries. 

After he finished speaking, I replied: “I know an even better land.” He was curious and wanted to know where it was. “It is a beautiful and glorious land with the Lord Jesus,” I replied. “When we seek to find peace with God through His Son Jesus Christ, while living here in this land of sin and suffering, we gain citizenship in a land of eternal bliss and joy. All pain and even death will no longer have power over us there. Eternal peace and perfect joy will surround us. I know that by His grace I have been cleansed and set free from my sins and that one day I will enter this land of perfect beauty.”

With rapt attention he sat across from me and listened to my remarks. He too was a religious man and came from a Christian family. I had the opportunity to tell him that without exception, everyone of us is a sinner before God who needs forgiveness through Jesus’ death on the cross. By believing in Him, we are cleansed and made righteous before God as if we had never sinned before. I encouraged him to pursue this way in all sincerity and not to rest until he was certain that his sins were forgiven. 

“Earlier you didn’t accept my offer of a cigar. Does this have anything to do with it?” he questioned.

“I serve the Lord, and smoking is a hindrance. And since the Lord lived a life without hindrances, I am to follow His example. I am His child and heir. Since I serve Him alone, I am no longer bound to other things,” I replied.  

Joyfully he replied: “I understand you now! A person whom Christ has set free through His blood and has filled with His Spirit has all that he needs. He no longer desires the pleasures and joys of this world.”

I agreed with him and was overjoyed by his clear understanding. The Spirit of God was openly working on his heart. As our conversation continued, I further explained the plan of salvation to him and begged him to not miss out on the opportunity to receive salvation for his soul. He promised me this. And with a solid handshake we went our separate ways. 

Dear soul, has the Holy Spirit taken possession of you such that you have whole-heartedly and completely turned your back on the world and its pleasures, lifestyle, lust, and sin? Has Jesus become everything to you? Or are you standing in opposition on the other side? Sadly, there are many who are not sure what they have to do with the Holy Spirit. They know nothing of the river of grace that is brought through the Holy Spirit. They know nothing about being submerged in the sea of love, a love that is revealed in Jesus. They also fail to joyfully proclaim the name of Jesus or experience the joy connected to sharing the Good News. They don’t experience what it means to be filled with the peace of God which surpasses understanding. And a clear view of the mercy seat is concealed from them.

Dear soul, should things remain this way for you? Break up with the world and its sin, even if it keeps on pursuing you in various forms. Ask the heavenly Father to forgive your sins. Pray earnestly without ceasing and remain sincere before God and others. Follow the prompting and working of the Spirit and you will experience the miracle! Your relationship with God will become deeper and stronger. The Word of God will become new and clear to you, and a holy concern for others will fill your heart. 


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