The Name Above All Names

One Name above all other names,
Oh, there is no other the same!
A Name full of blessed Life,
Name full of peace and might: Jesus!
The Redeemer taking sin’s place,
Reflector of the Father’s grace,
The Way and Door to life eternal,
My salvation is supernal:
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!

“Nor is there salvation in any other, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved” (Acts 4:12).

There once was a dignified statesman from Saxony who became very ill. He had the local pastor notified and requested a visitation. When the pastor came, he said to him: “I am ill and am afraid that I might die. Therefore, I ask that you would tell me something edifying. However, let me mention one thing: Do not tell me anything about Jesus, for I want to hear nothing of Him.”

The pastor answered very calmly: “I am happy that you clarified that right from the beginning, since that is precisely what I would have started with. Nonetheless, there are many further uplifting things that we can discuss. May I talk to you about God?”

“Oh, certainly, you can tell me about God. I have always had a high regard for Him since my youth.” The pastor proceeded to talk about God’s love to mankind, which was so pleasing to the sick man that as the pastor was leaving, he requested another visit in the near future.

Upon the pastor’s return, the sick man asked him: “So what good things are you going to tell me today? I have been anxiously awaiting your visit.” – The pastor talked about God’s omnipotence and wisdom. This pleased the man once again. The next time, the pastor talked about God’s omniscience. This was a little more serious but still pleasing to the sick man. At the fourth visit, the pastor spoke about God’s holiness and what a pure and holy nature God has.

The subject of the fifth conversation was God’s righteousness. At this point, the sick man stated: “Pastor, I cannot stand it any longer! I am scared and afraid. If God is so holy and righteous as you maintain, then I am a lost man!”

The pastor now chose to leave and did not return the following day. Soon, however, the patient had the pastor summoned and uttered: “I cannot stand it anymore! Please tell me something comforting again. I feel as though I am already in hell or hell is inside of me. Can’t you tell me anything that will calm me again?”

The pastor answered: “I don’t think that I can tell you anything else other than that even though God is gracious, He is also all-knowing, holy, and righteous, and therefore must punish the wicked. Of course, I could tell you much more about nice and wonderful things, but you have chosen not to hear about them. Therefore, you must die in your unfortunate state and await your fate on the other side, for which I feel most sorry for you.”

“Oh,” moaned the patient, “can’t you give me any comfort? Tell me! Can I still be saved?” – “Oh yes, but only if I may mention the name of the One whom you don’t want to hear about.” – “So just tell me whatever you want, as long as I can just be saved from this damnation!”

Finally, the pastor was able to proclaim the Good News to the sick man with power, and that this Jesus, who had been so despised by the sick man until now, wants to be His Creator and Savior and that he may turn to Him with all his sins and beg for His mercy. Jesus bled and died on the cross to redeem him as well as the whole world.

Now the sick man was glad to hear of this Jesus who accepts poor sinners. In Him he now sought refuge and learned that Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and in no other Name given among men can anyone find salvation. As a forgiven man, he could now believe in Jesus and die as a happy and confident child of God.

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