The Report Card

Yesterday, Lena again had to do her homework very quickly. In the afternoon, she had played outside with her friends and forgot about it. Only when her mother reminded her of her homework did she come in. Then it was soon evening. But Lena didn’t think much of it. She would do just fine in school. She was good at hiding behind the backs of her classmates if she didn’t know something and to make herself noticeable when she did know the answers to the teacher’s questions. By doing this, she had always passed.

Today, report cards were handed out. Lena’s heart beat a little faster when she received it. But then she beamed. It had turned out quite well.

On the way home, she compared her report card to Hannah’s, her best friend. Hannah was more hardworking and intelligent than her. She knew that, and yet her report card was not as good as her own. Her friend was rather quiet and reserved and didn’t know how to push her way into the spotlight.

While she thought about it now, she felt ashamed. She felt that she hadn’t earned this good report card. She hadn’t been honest. And then she remembered these words from Sunday School: “For man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart” (1 Samuel 16:7).

She quietly entered the house and went to her room. With tears, she asked the Lord for forgiveness and promised to be faithful and honest even when no one saw her.

M. Rose

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