The Snow Blanket

It is winter, and it is very cold outside. Yesterday everything was still gray. Eight-year-old Nicholas and his five-year-old sister Laura really wanted it to snow.  Little did they know that their wish would come true very soon. While they slept soundly at night, big white flakes fell to the ground. By morning, a thick, soft blanket of snow covered the whole country. The trees and bushes, which had previously stretched their bare branches upwards, were now coated in white.

With loud shouts of joy, the children quickly got dressed. It was Saturday, so they didn’t have to go to school. Dad didn’t have to go to work today either. While Mom made breakfast, they helped their father clear the sidewalks of snow. Then they all thanked God together for the beautiful snow. After breakfast, Nicholas and Laura were allowed to go sledding with the neighborhood children. It was great fun because the fine powdery snow was just right for it.

A little later, the sun peeked through the clouds. Its rays fell on the snow, which sparkled like so many precious stones. The children marveled at its beauty. After a while Dad came out of the house and suggested they build a snowman together. By now, the warmth of the sun had turned the powdery snow into perfect sticky snow that was easy to shape into snowballs. Building the jolly snowman with Dad was a blast!

The snow stayed for a few days. Nicholas and Laura were able to go sledding every day. But then the weather got warmer again, and the snow melted. The snowman also became smaller and smaller and finally collapsed. The children were sad about this. But Mom said that they had no reason to be. God had already given them a lot of joy because of the snow. They should therefore give thanks for it. When snow melts, it also fulfills a very special purpose. It moistens the earth and makes it fertile so that the fields can later produce good crops to feed people and animals.

In His wisdom, the Almighty God alternates summer and winter, heat and cold, day and night. He also has a perfect plan for your life.

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