Preteen boy doing housework and cleaning his room

One morning, a mother was pleasantly surprised by her son Jacob when he said to her: “Mom, I have almost an hour before school starts. Can I still help you somehow?” 

The mother could hardly comprehend what had suddenly happened to her boy, because as a rule, Jacob had always only done what he absolutely had to do, and not ever willingly or gladly. So she said: “Yes, you can still help me a little!” Jacob did everything quickly and well and looked so happy that the mother couldn’t overcome her astonishment. 

When he returned home from school, he asked again: “Can I help you with something again?” The mother replied: “No, this time I have nothing for you to do; you can still play a little with the other children.” But she wondered why her son had suddenly changed so much. 

In the evening, Jacob’s parents asked him why he was suddenly so completely different. He explained to them: “Last Sunday, our teacher in Sunday School said that Jesus can and will change people, and that He wants to give them a new heart when they come to Him and ask Him sincerely. In the evening, I didn’t go to sleep right away but prayed until Jesus entered my heart. He made me a new person, and now I want to make Him and you, my dear parents, happy. Every morning, I ask God to help me always do what He pleases. And He has been giving me the strength to do so.” 

Dear children, would you not also want to do what pleases the Savior and your parents, too? Then do like Jacob did: ask Jesus for a new heart and ask Him every day to help you do the right thing!

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