You Shall Praise Me

Inge loved going to Sunday School. It warmed her heart!  Her favorite song was: “I love to go, I love to go, I love to go to Sunday School.” Her beloved Sunday School teacher told the stories so poignantly as if she herself had sat at the feet of Jesus.

One Sunday, she heard the story of the ten lepers. How could they have been so ungrateful after the Savior had healed them? Should they not have fallen down before Him and stammered out their thanks? How easy it should be to tell others what the Lord had done for them. If she should ever be in a similar situation, she did not want to be guilty of being ungrateful, since it says in Psalm 50:15: “Call upon Me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall glorify Me.”

One afternoon, Inge was sitting at the kitchen table. Her jam sandwich, which usually tasted so good, did not want to go down. Her father sat stooped in his chair, moaning in pain. Toothaches can be extremely painful. She had never experienced it herself, but she had seen some of her friends crying because of the pain.

It really bothered her to see her father in such pain. She could not continue eating. She jumped up and hurried to her bedroom. “Call upon Me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you!” Yes, there was a way out! She knelt beside her bed and prayed: “Lord, You who can perform miracles, please help us now. Dad’s toothache is so bad that I cannot watch him suffer. You are our only hope! Please help him for the sake of Your love. Amen.”

Calmly, she returned to her seat in the kitchen. She picked up her bread and resumed eating. Her father had become quiet. Then he said in amazement, “How is that possible? I just had a raging toothache, and all of a sudden it is gone. How can that be?”

How does this story continue? Inge had called on God in her distress, and God had answered – what was the next step? To praise God! But Inge’s father did not want to know anything about God. He was very strict, and for the first time, she was afraid to speak of God and her experience.

What do you do when God answers your prayer and helps you in times of need? Do you thank Him and tell others about your experience? God will hear it, rejoice in you, and bless you.

Paula Meitzel

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