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Indeed, she did not think that it was possible for it all to be an illusion, a lie, and a deception. And yet, in the entire situation only one single word was true. Unfortunately this single word was so well hidden that she was unable to notice it. After all, who would have been able to recognize the evil in it? It all looked so appealing and promising. And who would have thought that this seemingly harmless situation could have such terrible consequences or that a scam artist was spinning his scheme?

This woman was in the best years of her life – a life that was exceedingly joyful. And if you had asked her how she was doing, you would have been astonished by her reply. Her marriage was truly happy. Worry, suffering, and problems remained far from her home. Her countenance radiated a joy and bliss that was never dampened. There was a reason for this. Eve’s home was in a glorious garden. And while she and her husband were responsible for taking care of the garden, her Lord made sure that they had everything they possibly needed. In addition to this, He was very interested in them. He visited them daily, spoke with them, and always had an open ear to listen to their wishes. In short, it was one of those relationships that can be found in a healthy, supportive family.

Then one day, around lunchtime while her husband was in another part of the garden and she was resting in the shade of a large tree, the Deceiver came to her and struck up a conversation. He didn’t act as if he wanted to harm her. Instead, he acted as if he was her friend. Yes indeed, it seemed as if he was deeply concerned for her well-being.

So she offered him her listening ear. And soon after, he succeeded in awakening mistrust and doubt in her heart against the Lord of the Garden and against His commandments. After that, it was easy for him to lead her to commit the sinful deed. After she thought about it for a while and allowed her eyes to gaze at the things offered to her, a desire was awakened in her heart and she accepted the offer.

Then she called her husband and eagerly told him about her experience. She would not have been able to keep a secret from him. Her marriage was much too wonderful for that. No, he should be happy along with her. At first, her husband voiced some concerns in regard to her new acquaintance and especially about what she had been offered. He suggested that she needed to be careful. But, after she excitedly and convincingly shared her experience, she succeeded in persuading him too. He agreed and partook of her “pleasure” as well.

Soon after, however, they noticed the first consequences of their unholy action; they were afraid. What would happen now? O, the Deceiver, he sure understood how to fool them! And while they remained alone with their worry and fear, the sun began to set. As the shadows lengthened and the evening drew nearer, their fears became greater. O, it used to be so different! Back then they had longed for the refreshing coolness of the approaching evening, for the time when they would come into deep conversation with their Lord. But on this day their hearts ached. They had no desire to meet with Him today!

And while all of nature breathed in deep peace, their eyes fearfully sought for a place to hide.  O, how great was the deception, how horrible was the disappointment, and how despairing was the knowledge of their own guilt! It was grueling to think about their lost fortune and to consider the moment when they would have to meet Him and give an account of their unrighteous start.

The Lord of the Garden, who had wanted only the best for them, already stood there before them.  Never before had they felt His penetrating gaze as they did on this day. Eve’s heart wanted to break when she heard her husband blame her. Yes, she had misled her trusted companion, so that he also partook of her guilt. O, that was painful!

And when they were asked about it, this answer came from their lips, out of a tormented heart, full of anguish: “The serpent deceived me” (Genesis 3:13). In the end, both were forced to leave the glorious garden and a watchman with a flaming sword was posted before its entrance.

This is the story of a deceived woman as it is reported in the Bible. It is possible that you doubt the truth of this story. If this is the case, then you must know that you also are dealing with the same deceiver that Eve encountered. Since the beginning, it has been one of the favorite methods of the Deceiver and Liar (John 8:44) to sow disbelief in people’s hearts towards the Lord’s truth and His Word. And if he has succeeded in doing this with you, then you have already been deceived by him.

Whatever the reason for a particular deception may be, it always benefits the deceiver at the expense of the one who is being deceived. In the news, we often hear reports about great and small deceptions that take place in all kinds of situations in everyday life. Rarely are people harmed to the extent that their life is affected by the consequences of a deception.

How will it be, though, when you one day meet the Lord, the living God? “For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, that each one may receive the things done in the body, according to what he has done, whether good or bad” (2 Corinthians 5:10). On that day, there will be many who have been deceived. And the air will quake with the call: “The serpent deceived me.”

This is the dismayed cry of bitter disappointment. Therein individuals reveal that they have recognized the deceit as a lie and rejected the truth. It is a cry of inexpressible horror, for eternal damnation will be in plain view. And there will be no chance of escaping it then. It is the desperate call of absolute misery, because it will be too late. These individuals chose to ignore the time of grace, closing their ears to the truth and opening them to listen to lies. And now these accusations cannot be silenced.

Dear reader, will you find yourself among these deceived ones? Will you have to join in with their desperate cries? O, let yourself be warned about the deceiver and turn to the One who says about Himself: “I am the truth,” to Jesus, the crucified One. Know that the deceiver is the god of this world, the ruler of darkness. He deceives in all areas of life.

But listen, your situation is not yet hopeless. There echoes a call from the quiet hill of Calvary: “It is finished!” The Serpent’s head has been crushed and the way to paradise is open for all who come to the One who won the victory at Calvary. He alone is the door. You can have an intimate relationship with Him and do not need to dwell in eternal darkness and separation from God.

W. Berle

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