Finding Assurance

A young man was asked how long he knew the Lord and if he knew that his sins were forgiven.

He replied: “My sins are forgiven. I truly know!”

“When were you convinced of that?”

“When my mother was stung by a bee,” was his answer.

“When your mother was stung by a bee? What do you mean by that? Why don’t you tell me your story.”

“I had a godly mother,” he said. “In my childhood, she often told me what Jesus did for me, but I never understood it all. I just couldn’t imagine that He took my place and died for me.

Then that summertime afternoon happened. I was playing by the door of our home. Mother was ironing in the kitchen. All of a sudden, a large, frenzied bee came flying by and kept buzzing around my head. Without a doubt, she was irritated and prepared to sting. I was scared and tried to swat her away a few times, but she kept circling around me, coming closer every time. Finally, in desperation, I ran into the house to escape my tormentor. I rushed to my mother, who had been watching me the whole time, and hid under her apron. She smiled at my fear, but with motherly concern, she wrapped her arms around me as if to say: ‘You are totally safe with me!’

She had just done that when the bee descended on her bare arm and stung her decisively. My mother winced. Then she looked at the bee and said to me: ‘You can come out now. The bee stung me instead of you. Look how it’s crawling on my arm. It can’t hurt you now because a bee can only sting once.’

I was still a bit scared. And then I felt sorry for my mom. But I dared to look at the stinger as my mother wisely used the opportunity the experience afforded. She explained to me: ‘This is a picture of the wonderful truth I have often told you about: Christ took your place and died for you.’

I had learned that Scripture and often quoted it: ‘And by His stripes we are healed’ (Isaiah 53:5). But until then, I had never grasped that Jesus voluntarily took our punishment upon Himself. Now I looked at the bee and the stinger, and everything became clear: God doesn’t ask for double payment. He doesn’t call me to judgment. Christ paid the price with His blood. Praise and thanks!” –

Dear reader, can you also believe that Jesus was pierced for you and, as a result, you are free? “Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed” (John 8:36). But you have to believe with your whole heart. You wouldn’t want to continue living in destructive sin. Surely you are longing for freedom!

Repent, and you will be free to rejoice in the wonderful assurance that you are His child because He died in your place. Just believe!

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