The Meaning of the Cross

Nicholas was thoughtful. He had noticed that there were crosses in several places in his little town. A shiny cross was on the roof of the town church. At the edge of the forest, there was a small memorial with a picture of Jesus on the cross. There were also some wooden crosses in the cemetery. And from time to time, people wore small crosses on their necklaces. Do these people believe in Jesus?

Nicholas came to his father with these thoughts and this question. Mr. Werner listened to his son and then read to him from the Bible about how Jesus prayed to God in the Garden of Gethsemane: “Not My will, but Yours be done!” because Jesus knew how terribly He would have to suffer and about how His sweat would fall to the ground like drops of blood, also that God was able to send a whole host of angels at His Son’s request to free Him. But Jesus, the Son of God, voluntarily allowed Himself to be captured and beaten. Yes, He allowed Himself to be nailed to the cross and died out of love for mankind. Through the cross, redemption from sins became possible when Jesus cried out loud: “It is finished!”

Father then explained that the cross has been a sign of the Christian faith ever since. However, it does not help to visibly display a cross made of wood, metal, or any other material. All that matters is that we believe in what the Savior did on the cross and ask God for forgiveness of our sins, i.e. that we turn to God. God is faithful and forgives our sins. He makes us His children, and then it is important that we follow Jesus every day and obey God.

That made sense to Nicholas. He felt so light and happy now. He had just gotten saved a few months ago. Nicholas knew that Jesus lived in his heart. He hugged his father and said: “Thank you for explaining the cross to me again!” They knelt together and thanked God with all their hearts for His Word and for the fact that Jesus Christ died also for them on the cross.

Do you believe in Jesus Christ? Is He also your Savior?

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