Guided by the Holy Spirit

Although I may not know much about sailing, I do know that the wind plays a big role. Without its power, a ship’s sails fall slack; under its power, however, they billow out and propel the ship toward its destination.

This is a fitting metaphor for our lives. Our life’s journey also goes through deep waters and sometimes over threatening crests or into treacherous troughs. Difficult and dangerous situations are likely part of your life as well. The important thing is not to be distracted from the destination, and that means: Stay with the wind! This “wind of God” can be neither seen nor heard but is rather felt in your heart and conscience. It is the Holy Spirit’s task to magnify Jesus Christ, the Savior, in your soul. When you hear or read the Word of God, He shows you life’s true objective and gives you the power to reach it.

You can learn how He works by prayerfully reading the Holy Scriptures. Surrender leadership of your life to the Holy Spirit, and you will see how He reveals Jesus to you. However, it would not be possible for God and sinful man to enter into such intimate communion if God Himself had not paved the way. The blood of the Son of God had to flow before this could happen. He took our sins, which separated us from God, onto His shoulders on the cross. The eternal God accepted this sacrifice before the whole world through the resurrection of Jesus. On Pentecost, the Lord, having ascended to heaven, sent the Holy Spirit to earth. He is the Comforter, Teacher, Leader, and Master of those who love and trust Him, and He wants to enter every heart that has opened itself to the message of salvation through Jesus’ blood.

How can we experience the leading of the Holy Spirit? We do not need to wait for great visions or supernatural voices. On the contrary, He works in our lives very simply and unobtrusively. He helps us to have faith in the Word of God and warns us of temptations. If we fall, He encourages us to look in faith to the salvation of Jesus instead of to sin. The Holy Spirit gives new strength to the discouraged and helps them to focus on the goal more clearly and firmly. When we are struck by heavy blows of fate, He points upwards to the One who makes no mistakes and whose leading is all wisdom and love.

Before significant life decisions, He gives us the inner confidence to choose the right path. He also helps us to direct those around us to the right destination as well. On our deathbed, He will be with us—though not visible to the human eye—and lead us blissfully to our eternal home with God.

Is there anything more beautiful than entrusting our lives to the Holy Spirit in faith and obedience? I am certain that no one who has dared to take this step has regretted it. The Word of God says: “For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God” (Romans 8:14).


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