Help!– I am Depressed!

Approximately 4 million people suffer from depression in Germany alone. It is estimated that in the entire world, 350 million people are affected by this. These are disturbingly great numbers. This is sometimes referred to as a “national disease.” Unfortunately, this sickness is also creeping into the lives of believers in the churches, which includes the youth.

Depression is a state of mind of fear, hopelessness, a dark outlook, weakness, right down to feeling worthless and despairing. In short, a broken and ailing heart. The reasons for this can be very different and unique to each individual. Typical causes are, for example: being overworked, feeling unloved, having little fellowship, comparing oneself to others (others simply have it better), difficult misfortunes or life circumstances, and many more.

However, as Christians, as children of God, we should not despair. No matter how bleak your situation is, there is hope for you! When it seems like no one understands you, then you should know that there is One who definitely understands and whose grace and mercy is unending. This is Jesus! “He heals the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds” (Psalm 147:3).

The following tips might be helpful to you:

– Open your heart to Jesus. Speak openly and honestly to Him regarding your situation. David encourages us in Psalm 62:8 and says: “Trust in Him at all times, you people; pour out your heart before Him; God is a refuge for us.”

– Sometimes it seems that we are unsuccessful with our prayers. Don’t agonize by yourself. Obtain help from a trustworthy Christian who can pray with you. Perhaps you find yourself in a “maze of thoughts” and can’t get ahead? Talking with an experienced brother or sister could be helpful to you and lead your thoughts in a positive direction.

– “Look away from your troubles and problems. Look up to Jesus!” A brother gave me this good advice as I was personally going through a hard time. I then realized how intensely I was concentrating on my life circumstances at that time, which stood before me like an insurmountable wall. But as I turned my eyes back to Jesus, the words of David, “By my God I can leap over a wall” (Psalm 18:29), became reality in my life.

– Search out the root of your problem. If it was sin that has caused your problem, deal with it, bring it in order, stand up, and continue on! Don’t be afraid of a new beginning. Pray and wrestle until you have won the victory – even if it costs you a night in prayer. It is worth it. Life is short, and time is quickly passing away. God would like to use you in His service. This is not feasible as long as He finds you in this saddened and discouraged state.

– Count the blessings in your life, and thank God for them!

Dear Reader, if you are currently going through a deep valley, I wish you a steadfast assurance that God is with you and will lead you through so that you will be able to see the light in your life again and continue joyfully on your way.

Dina Grötzinger

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